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How To Create a Partition within MDT 2013 Task Sequence

Creating a Partition within MDT 2013

A YouTube viewer wanted to know how to create a partition within MDT 2013 during deployment time. This task is very simple within your Task Sequence. 2-14-2015 9-07-27 PM


Step 1: Create your Task Sequence:

Step 2: Open your Task Sequence and navigate into Preinstall > New Computer only >> Format and Partition Disk

Step 3: Click on the default partition that MDT provides you. Copy the variable “OSDisk”

Step 4: Delete the default partition MDT provided you:

Step 5: Create a new one – give it a Partition Name and paste variable “OSDisk”. Pick “use specific size” and provide the size you want your C drive to be during deployment

Step 6: Create another entry within the “Format and Partition Disk” node and give the partition a name, then use a percentage for the remaining free space.


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