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Lenovo’s First 17-Inch Touch Gaming Laptop

lenovo_y70_title As Lenovo’s largest touchscreen laptop, the Y70 Touch aims to open up a whole new level of interaction for video editing, social sharing and gaming. The new Y70 is equipped to take advantage of NVidia’s advanced Maxwell architecture.

In addition, the GeForce GTX 800M Series of notebook GPUs are designed for performance with power efficiency improvements so users can enjoy the highest quality mobile gaming experience.

Here are some major features why the Lenovo Y70 is a perfect entry-level gaming latpop:

  1. It has a sleek design with its brushed aluminum exterior, red accents, honeycomb vents, sharp angles, and backlit keyboard.
  2. The beautiful 17.3″ FHD Display making it great for Movies, pictures, and games.
  3. Capable to interact with your laptop using its 10-point Multitouch display.
  4. The Y70 spares nothing in terms of graphics performance using a NVIDIA GTX-860M graphics processor to render great details picture.
  5. It has ample storage, housing a 1TB hard drive and an 8GB SSD to boost up performance, you’ll have plenty of room for all of your games and media files.
  6. Now, the last thing is the Intel 4th Generation Core i7 processor, which delivers significant performance advancements that improves graphics and an amazing computing experience.

Lenovo improved the graphics performance by having one of the best GeForce Series GPUs embedded into the Y70 touch. This graphic processor provides maximize notebook performance and gaming experience. With no effort or input from the user, the technologies work in the background to enhance performance and enrich visual details, providing the best notebook experience the GPU can deliver.

NVIDIA Optimus Technology automatically transitions between NVIDIA graphics and Intel Integrated Graphics, seamlessly and in the background, to give you great performance and great battery life – whether you’re watching a movie, surfing the web, or playing a 3D game.

Overall, the Lenovo Y70 Touch is a great entry-level mobile gaming laptop. This laptop is great when placed and plugged up all the time, due to it being so big the battery capacity off the plug drains very fast during game-play, navigating around documents or surfing the Internet.

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  1. Wow! Lenovo’s Y70 is one of the best gaming laptops. The info you have shared about this laptop is really great. Recently, I bought Lenovo Y70 gaming laptop and all this info will definitely help me in using it efficiently. Thanks for sharing this blog.

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