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Comic Review: The Amazing Spider-Man “Renew Your Vows” – Issue 001

comics_wp_header This weeks Amazing Spider-Man was really good. It's the life that Peter Parker always wanted - the life with MJ (Mary Jane); his married and has a little girl named Annie. This issue comes with 8 covers and this one is the best one out of all of them. If you want to check out the other covers go to the BTNHD Photo Library. Amazing Spider-Man - Renew Your Vows 001-000d (Humberto Ramos variant) (Mastodon)

The issue starts with Peter Parker having breakfast with his family and re-charging his web devices because you know those things have malfunction in the past. Peter starts telling MJ that his workload has increased due to many super heroes disappearing and not taking care of their part. MJ wants him to take it easy because he has a family and needs to settle down and take it easy with the super hero stuff.

Peter has always lived double lives. At night his Spidey and by day his a photographer for the Daily Bugle. He arrives at his day job to drop off some cool pictures of Spidey fighting other super heroes villains and just heard some bad news about many super heroes that he knows are disappearing left and right.

He suits up and goes to the Avengers headquarter to find some answers. When he gets their he received the notification that many of the super heroes are disappearing and it appears that Augustus Roman is the prime subject on all the disappearance happening.  All of sudden a major prison break happens that’s when Spidey realize that someone he imprisoned was part of the prison break at Ryker’s.

Spidey rushes home and goes through his living room window and guess who he finds. Yup!, my man Venom.

On the other side of the city, the Avengers found the individual who was killing off other super heroes – Regent! What a weird villain name, he was absorbing all the super powers and killing them off one-by-one.

Now Regent has to be super strong if he is able to take down Hulk like a fly. Hulk didn’t have a chance. I was super pissed about this part. How are you going to kill the Hulk like that – like give us two or three pages of a good fight between Regent and Hulk.

Spidey made a hard choice and that’s to kill off Venom because if not – Venom will continue hunting MJ and Annie to get to Peter. It was a do or die situation and Peter picked his family. I would of made the same choice if I was Spidey.

At the end, this page blew my mind. Peter and his daughter are walking down the street and a crime happens. Rather then him suiting up, he continues on his way with his daughter. I guess spidey hangs up his suit and settles down with his family. I guess we will see on the next issue. What are your thoughts?

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