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There’s a new sheriff in town and it’s not Bruce Wayne


Batman (2011-) 041-000 Batman (2011-) 041-002
This week I picked up Batman Issue #41 because I wanted to know what will happen next. Like come on, Batman sacrifice himself to the end to get Joker out of the world on Batman Issue #40. I thought that was the end of it and maybe his son will take his place as the new Batman.
Batman (2011-) 041-009 Batman (2011-) 041-010 Batman (2011-) 041-016

But no, it wasn’t like that on this issue and I’m a little disappointed about the new Batman. Okay, the suit and the costume are looking pretty high tech and cool looking, but it isn’t Bruce Wayne.
It seems that Commissioner Gordon is taking Batman’s place until someone better and I hope someone better comes along. Like Gordon’s mentally is set as a police officer. I can’t find myself seeing Commissioner Gordon breaking the rules to get the bad guys like Batman did. Batman has a mind set for fighting the toughest criminals – overall, Batman is bat sh!t crazy to do what he does each night.

When I continued reading it, I was like okay maybe Commissioner Gordon could be the next Batman. Maybe he can break the rules and forget that he is or was a police officer that needed to follow the law to get the bad guys.

At the end, I was relieved when I heard Bruce Wayne name. Is he really alive? Did he survive? Is he taking a break from being Batman? Is he crazy like the Joker? Who knows, I guess we need to wait for the next issue. What are your thoughts?

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