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BTNHD needs your feedback for an upcoming Windows 10 video


I’m planning to do a video on upgrading your current Operating System to Windows 10. Most likely going to do it with Windows 7 because not to many people have Windows 8.1.

As you know Windows 10 is going to be free for many of us on July 29th. So what should you need to know when the time comes? What to expect? What not to do?

Having trouble on how to do it for you guys, so your feedback will make this video happen. Take the poll and let’s do this! Plus make sure to add your question(s) below, so they can be answered during video.



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  1. Milen Mladenow // July 3, 2015 at 5:33 am // Reply

    I am interested in the following scenario – imagine you have a laptop or desktop PC with installed windows 7 on it and attend to upgrade to windows 10. My questions are:
    – will you be able to return to your old OS with recovery partition or otherwise.
    – will there be a way and how exactly will it happen, to return in your current OS if the installation process crashed?
    – will it keep all the user already created?
    – will it be possible to reinstall windows 10 afterwards and how will the license key be given or taken?
    Thanks in advance. Your videos are really cool.

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