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Is Windows 10 Spying On Us?

windows_10_spying_wpHeader Free isn't always the best thing! I always wondered why a huge corporate company like Microsoft would start giving away their software for free. The Windows 10 upgrade is free for only one year, but if you sit down and take a look at all the settings that are turned on by default. You probably want to downgrade your system right now. It seems that Windows 10 many and I mean many privacy settings turned on by default contact the Microsoft servers and retrieving our personal information from our PC to store it for later for future advertisement purposes.

Like it or not, Microsoft isn’t alone here. What Windows 10 is doing has become common and normal across the web, Android devices, iOS devices, and other modern platforms that we use each day. Microsoft is “retrieving” all the data it can get to better target ads, personalize the operating system, and improve its software and services.

Keep in mind that almost everything is sending back data somewhere. If you are using Chrome, everything you search for is sent back to Google. Ad networks are tracking you on every website. Facebook and Amazon have ad systems filter your feeds. I’m not here bashing Microsoft with this article or on the video, but come on the privacy section of Windows 10 is very intimidating.

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