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OS X El Capitan GM Build 15A282c is now available

Please review these instructions completely before retrieving your redemption code and attempting to download and install the software.

Please confirm that:

  • You have an Apple ID that can purchase App Store apps or iTunes purchases. If not, you will need to create a new Apple ID (go to http://appleid.apple.com )
  • You have enough free space on your HD for the download – 8 GB
  • You have a dependable network connection (wired is preferable)
  • Your App Store is set to the country associated with your Apple ID

Go to your Purchased tab in the App Store and click the Download button next to OS X El Capitan GM Candidate. When your download finishes, the installer will automatically launch. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete installation.

If you don’t see the OS X El Capitan GM Candidate in the App Store, go to the Downloads section for this project on the  seed portal and retrieve your App Store redemption code. Clicking on the code will launch the App Store and begin the download process.

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