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Laptop Gaming: Lenovo Ideapad Y700 Touch!

twitch_tv_wp_header Testing out the Lenovo Ideapad Y700 Touch laptop streaming capabilities. The laptop is running a NVIDIA GTX 960m graphic processor with 4GBs of memory. I also show you guys how the CPU and Memory usage is being used within the task manager. The CPU is not max out and the computer is only using up 7GBs out of 16GBs of memory. This laptop can differently handle multi-tasking and high performance task with no problems.

Equipment setup:

NVIDIA GTX 960m Setup (Manage 3D Settings):

  • Profile – “High Performance NVIDIA processor”

  • Antialiasing FXXA – ON

  • Ambient Occlusion – ON

  • Anisotrogic Filtering – Application-Controlled

  • Antialiasing-trans – 2x(supersample)


  • Max pre-rendered frames – Use the 3D app settings

  • Power Management Mode – Adaptive

  • Shader Cache – ON

  • Texture Filter Quality – High Performance

  • Vertical Sync – Use the 3D app settings

  • Tiple Buffering – OFF

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