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Virtual reality: 3D sound for home cinema and gaming is now available


3D Sound Labs, the pioneer start up in 3D sound experience, announces 3D Sound One headphone’s availability. 3D Sound One is the world’s first smart headphone that provides an incredible global acoustic experience never heard before. Genuinely launched to watch movies and enjoy home cinema sound with this headphone, the 3D Sound One’s technology is also available for the latest Windows operating system. Call of Duty fans can now play and enjoy gaming in truly incredible acoustic conditions. As a Call of Duty fan, I need to get a pair in the lab and test that out for you guys.

Digital sound technology delivers a live, more realistic, smarter and more natural quality of sound. 3D Sound Labs is disrupting today’s audio standards with a direct response to the unstoppable revolution of sound technology. The spatial simulation of sound and the use of sensors produce an experience with an unprecedented realism.

The first wearable home cinema
The 3D Sound One headset virtualizes each sound source such as a surrounding sound movie into space to release the most realistic tone to the hearer. It enables to get immersed in a real home cinema. Head trackings sensors are able to reproduce in the headset the same tridemensial sound effects that we have in our everyday life.

Games take into a whole new dimension 
3D Sound Labs adjusts technology to the latest Microsoft operating systems Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Connected via Bluetooth Low Energy to the PC or with a USB key, the headset now delivers a level of increased hearing performance that seriously enhances gaming quality for the user. Drivers create an e-sound card that enables users to benefit from the 3D sound quality by using all apps producing a multichannel spreading (movies, video games, etc).

3D Sound One is now available on 3dsoundlabs.com and Amazon.com at  $299. The app can be downloaded for free from the App store for all iOS devices, the Windows driver can be downloaded on 3dsoundlabs .com also for free for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 equipped PCs.



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