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Konke K Kit, the Smallest Smart Home System

konke_featured_img K Kit, a smart home system designed by Hangzhou Konke Information Technology,  is launched crowd funding via Indiegogo on January 25 as the first project of the China Pilot Program (CPP) launched by Indiegogo and Makebator this year.


Equipped with a temperature and humidity sensor, motion sensor, infrared remote control, radio frequency remote control and other expandable units, K Kit allows home owners to build an affordable smart home with a virtual housekeeper that knows their daily routines and can manage the devices automatically.

K Kit can send users a 24­hour report on indoor temperature and humidity, the security system also detects and reports anomalies promptly when users are away from home and it is very easy to install. Simply plug in the K Kit and control it via the app on a cellphone.


“K Kit offers an opportunity for people to begin building a smart life at lower cost,” said Johnnie Lin, Co-Founder of Konke. “Building the automation system relies on logical thinking and reliable technology, and we thrive to bring products that best meet the customers’ needs.”

Konke’s product design team has adopted a black and white, round and square design idea that’s different from the conventional hardware designs. The company has now released three products in the K series, including the first generation and Mini K seriesand has adjusted the designs based on the customer reviews and feedback. This has included eliminating several functions while keeping the charging protection, timing and task delay and infrared remote control.

The Konke team is busy preparing for the Indiegogo launch with support from Z­Spaceship, and K Kit is due for release alongside the crowd funding on January 25.

Images Credit – Konke

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