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Lenovo ThinkPad T460s Review


The ThinkPad T series is well-known in the business laptop world, serving as the workhorse notebook for thousands of companies. The new T460s continues in this tradition by offering customers functionality and durability in a thin and light form factor. Designed for the business professional who likes to travel light but needs a durable notebook, this year’s T460s comes designed and ready with a few new changes.

Key Features:

  • The Best Specifications – Configurable with the latest Intel 6th generation processor and more memory than previous generation.
  • Design – Updated with the sleek and premium design language seen in the X1 Carbon.
  • “In-Cell Touch” Solution – A new touch panel technology that builds the touch sensor directly on the LCD layer to reduce size and weight.
  • Thinner and lighter – 10% thinner and lighter than the previous generation T450s.
  • New Port – HDMI replaces VGA as a display-out port.
  • Legendary Toughness – In true ThinkPad fashion, the T460s is MilSpec qualified and passes many in-house tests to insure durability.

The T460s comes with the latest Intel 6th generation processors. Formerly known as Skylake, this processor provides longer battery life by using less power than previous generations, as well as stronger performance, being able to go from low power to high speed much faster, and the ability to play 4K videos with the 500 Series graphics chips using built-in hardware video decoding that doesn’t tax the system. Additionally, the T460s is configurable with up to 24GB of DDR4 memory. That’s double the amount of memory available in the previous T450s.

Mobility is a key strength of the T460s within the T Series family. For users who want touch capabilities, there is a weight sacrifice for mobility. To solve this, we used “In-Cell Touch” technology on the T460s. In the simplest terms, it is a touch panel technology that builds the touch sensor layer directly onto the LCD structure. This removes the need for a traditional protective layer on top of the LCD. By doing this, the T460s touch panel is no thicker than a standard non-touch panel.

The T460s has also been redesigned and improved upon for 2016. Taking from the design language of the X1 Carbon, the T460s incorporates a sleek wedge design that gives the device a new look and feel. With this new wedge design and the In-Cell Touch solution, the T460s is able to shed a considerable amount of excess weight and thickness. It’s thinner and lighter than the previous T450s by 10 percent, weighing only 3.1lbs and measuring at a thin 0.74” (18.8mm).

High definition video and displays have become the new standard in both business and computing. With that progression in display technology, the T460s sheds it’s old VGA port for an HDMI port as one of it’s display outputs. HDMI has many advantages over VGA such as better compatibility, higher quality video quality, and even audio output.

I was able to run PCMark 8 and BAPco MobileMark 2014 for benchmarking the Lenovo ThinkPad T460s. The result of the performance and battery is very interesting, here are the results.

BAPco MobileMark 2014 Results:


Media Benchmarking Results


Office Productivity Benchmarking Results







PCMark 8 Results:

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