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THINO – The Fastest On-The-Go Charger ever!

THINO_featured_img Thino is designed with advanced USB battery charging capabilities to meet the demand and maximize power output for battery charging over USB. Thino has 2 main features:

  • Ability to recognize smartphones as a maximum current supply source
  • The ability to demand maximum current from the USB PC/Adapter

It contains a state-of-the-art management unit based on Cypress Programmable System-on-Chip (PsoC) Technology. Using a dedicated, smart algorithm, Thino can detect any mobile charging method, be it iPhone, Samsung or any other standard BC protocol, and can distinguish between charging source types: SDP1, DCP2 and CDP3.

Once the charging method is detected, Thino is able to supply the smartphone with the maximum current it can draw from the source. It supports a primary and secondary USB detection algorithm as defined by the BC 1.2 specifications.


In addition, Thino provides emergency power to your device via the internal Lithium Polymer battery. The internal battery is charged from the current not used to directly charge the smartphone battery. What this means is that if, for example, the smartphone can be charged with 1.5A and the charging source is able to supply a total of 2.1A, the remaining 0.6A will be used to charge the internal battery.


It meets the following standards:

  • New USB Battery Charging (BC) Revision 1.2 Specification
  • Backward-Compatible with Previous USB BC Revisions
  • Meets China YD/T1591-2009 Charging Specification
  • Supports Standby-Mode Charging for Apple BC Revision 1.2 Compatible Device

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