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First light made specifically for video chatting


Chatlight was designed by a professional photographer who was frustrated with the way people look on screen via video chat and skype calls. Henry Geddes, the inventor of Chatlight and a professional photographer and production studio owner, saw the main problem immediately when Skype was launched. He noticed that people looked dark and/or blurry when video chatting and that, through a photographer’s eyes, the simple solution was better lighting. Fast forward to 2015 when the first and original Chatlight became ready for millions of consumers everywhere to illuminate their faces and make them look better online.

The Chatlight is available for purchase at chatlight.com where you can also see it featured on CBS Innovation Nation with Mo Rocca.  It was also chosen as Grommet product with a launch on March 1st  and is available on Amazon as well. The Chatlight was created to solve the problem of video chatters on Skype, Facetime and most recently Periscope and Meerkat. These platforms together have a combined membership of over 450 million active users, not to mention the other video chat, podcasting and vlogging platforms.

Chatlight is proud to have conducted a successful Kickstarter campaign which included over 1,000 enthusiastic and supportive backers who believed in a product that up until now had not even existed. The response to their post Kickstarter survey yielded overwhelming support. In fact, 98% of the initial run responses were positive.

Each Chatlight has some unique and special features that, when combined into one product, make it truly special. Chatlight is/has:

•    rechargeable and portable which means it does not have to be plugged in

•    adjustable to fit various sized screens and monitors from iphones to tablets, laptops and desktops

•    hi and low setting to accommodate different environments, lighting needs and individual sensitivity to light

•    diffusion tube which provides soft, flattering light

•    color balance that is neither too warm nor too cold to give the ideal light for most skin types

•    available in black, white and silver to match various technology devices

Chatlight was founded by Herny Geddes and Ian Shiell and is the first in a line of products designed to make the video chat experience better and to make its users look more appealing on line. Not only is the goal to make people look bette1;but also the increased lighting from the Chatlight will improve the camera lens function and image quality.

Chatlight is a simple, versatile, and affordable solution for anyone to use on an array of devices across diverse platforms. With Chalight’s technology, you need only one hand and a single finger to gently slide the light onto your screen, switch it on to the desired intensity and immediately see an improved online you.

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