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CUJO: The Smart Way to Fight Home Hacking


CUJO is a smart firewall that protects connected homes from criminal hackers. Using a combination of cloud services, machine learning, and mobile apps to manage a home network, CUJO’s revolutionary plug-n-play solution gives users peace of mind while online.


Your home is your sanctuary. That’s where we experience our most private moments, safeguard our most precious files, and experience peace of mind. Until now. With our homes full of connected devices we’ve become easy targets for criminal hackers. You read it in the news every day: baby monitors, smart TVs, tablets – all hacked. Even the FBI director now tapes his webcam so as not to be hacked at home. So ask yourself, with your home fully connected, what is the most precious experience or data that is now open to hackers? And what keeps it safe?

Your Antivirus protects you against malware that was documented 60+ days ago. If a criminal is standing in front of your house and hacking your smart door, malware detection won’t keep you safe. Traditional security solutions are outdated with cyber criminals creating new ways to reach into our homes every day. CUJO uses threat intelligence, machine
learning, and cloud-computing to analyze your device behavior. When we see a threat – we block it. You will get a friendly notification on your CUJO app that your home is safe. Best of all, we will notify all other CUJOs out there of this new threat so that everyone else is instantly protected.


With IoT consumers increasingly exposed to home hacking, a brand new IoT security market (over $29B/year by 2020) has emerged. With 50B connected devices coming online over the next few years, this problem will only become bigger. In a few years everyone will see having CUJO at home as a no brainer, like using a burglar alarm system today.

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Created by online security experts with extensive experience fortifying software and hardware against virtual threats, the company is situated to transform the face of cyber security. Out of Los Angeles, California, CUJO’s team comes from leading companies such as Apple, Google, Akamai, and iSight. Previously armed with crowbars and black ski masks, today’s home intruders
are now equipped with a laptop and coding skills. Until now, the front door has been virtually wide open to them. With CUJO, everyone can now hack-proof their homes, affording them the peace of mind and freedom to enjoy technology in the comfort and security of their homes.

_CUJO in Context

CUJO is a plug-and-play, smart home security device that protects other connected devices from home hackers. By using behavior recognition analysis, CUJO learns the patterns of how a user’s devices are connected and talk to each other. It can then recognize and prevent security breaches by identifying and blocking atypical interactions amongst devices such as computers, smart phones, baby monitors, TV’s and cameras. With smart homes containing dozens of connected devices, the Internet of Things has opened up a world of new electronic vulnerabilities. CUJO affords consumers the peace of mind and freedom to live the connected life, enjoying technology in the comfort and security of their homes.

Image credited  – CUJO.com

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