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Lenovo ThinkPad 13 Review


The ThinkPad 13 is a thin and lightweight notebook that targets anyone who values core elements of the ThinkPad experience – such as the industry renowned keyboard, the TrackPoint pointing device or industrial strength durability attributes – but at affordable price points.

An added bonus is this ThinkPad offers a color choice other than black, with aluminum top cover and silver casing. This value-based ThinkPad features the same best-in-class keyboard that Lenovo uses on its more expensive models and passes Mil-Spec durability standards. Performance wise there’s no compromise with the latest tech under hood – Intel’s 6th Generation Intel Core i Processor’s, DDR 4 memory and SSD storage.

The ThinkPad 13 is thin and light, weighing a little over 3-lbs. and less than an inch thick. The system comes with its namesake 13.3” screen with Full HD (1920×1080), resolution. Inside, the new 6th generation Intel Core processor comes packed with new advancements to give a boost with features such as better graphics, instant wake up, faster data transfer rates, and longer battery life. For storage, the solid-state drives (SSD) are standard on the ThinkPad 13 and boots, launches apps, and has faster overall performance then the older spinning HDD storage. The high-performance DDR4 memory yields a higher data transfer rate than previous generations, less power consumption, and a cooler running machine.

The ThinkPad 13 accommodates Lenovo’s OneLink+ ($179.99), a docking unit that can add needed peripherals, such as up to 3 simultaneously displays, 4 USB ports for connecting more storage or keyboard and mouse, Gigabit networking, as well as the ability to charge your laptop and phone all connected over one cable. Additionally, the ThinkPad 13 is the first ThinkPad laptop to adopt the new USB Type-C port, delivering video output or accessing external storage. Many more devices will continue to adopt the new USB Type-C standard.

In addition to the components that make up the ThinkPad 13, there are plenty of features once you open the lid. The spill-resistant ThinkPad keyboards have long been renowned for their layout and satisfying tactile feedback. The ThinkPad 13 has a 6-row, spill-resistant and multimedia Function keys.

The ThinkPad 13 gives users two options for maneuvering around the screen: a traditional touchpad and TrackPoint; invented to conveniently point, select and drag without moving your fingers too far from the keys; saving time and physical effort. When using the TrackPoint, the three-button design gives left- and right-click buttons with the center button available for scroll. On the touchpad there are integrated left- and right-click buttons embedded in the bottom corners and Windows 10 gestures enabled.


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