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Virtual Reality Battery Drain Nightmares Solved

myCharge POWERGear-VR fuels Samsung Gear VR for four hours without zapping phone


In the middle of watching a 360-degree movie or during the intense moments of a video game one of the last things that should be flashing across the phone screen is a low battery alert. But this annoyance has been unavoidable unless users have been able to find a way to sit near a wall outlet with phones plugged in while trying to un-tether them selves into virtual reality. myCharge is solving the dilemma with its new POWERGear-VR, a powerbank designed specifically for use with Samsung Gear VR.


The 3350 mAh battery in the POWERGear-VR is high-density, allowing for a small and lightweight form factor that is not cumbersome when Gear VR is being worn. An integrated micro-USB cable eliminates needing to use a phone’s wall adapter to stay charged. “Fans of virtual reality gaming and entertainment now can play for up to four hours and still have their phone fully charged when they are done. “The phone pulls power from the VR charge first saving their phone battery for calls, texts, or Posting pics on social media” said Julie Pickens, VP of marketing for mycharge. “POWERGear-VR allows you to enjoy an alternative universe for up to four hours longer then before, so you really do feel like you’ve left your earthly self behind, without the worry of running out of power.”

Additional features on the POWERGear-VR include an exterior micro-USB port for recharging the powerbank, a cool high-gloss finish and a battery life indicator on the front of the device.

More information about the entire myCharge product line can be found at www.mycharge.com.

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