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Configuring DHCP Server and WDS for MDT Build 8443


Finally took some time to show you guys how to configure your DHCP server to work within your MDT and WDS server environment. WDS and DHCP don’t like to work together because during a WDS  boot process, the normal DHCP traffic occurs. The client broadcasts for an IP address to port UDP 67, but DHCP listens on port UDP 67 and WDS wants to listen on port UDP 67 too.  See the problem here. When the DHCP server hears the request, it makes an offer. The offer contains an IP address, subnet mask, and any DHCP options you might have set. Here are the steps to make DHCP and WDS work together during your MDT PXE boot process.

Step 1: Open up Server Manager > Manage > “Add Roles and Features”

Step 2: Click on “Next”

Step 3: Pick “Role-based or feature-based installation” then click “Next”

Step 4: Select your server and click on “Next”

Step 5: Click on “Windows Deployment Services”

Step 6: Click on “Add Features” for Windows Deployment Services features

Step 7: Click on “Next”

Step 8: Skip this and Click on “Next”

Step 9: Click on “Next”

Step 10: Leave the default and click on “Next”

Step 11: Click “Install”

Step 12: Once your completed click on “Close”

Step 13: Get into your WDS server and let’s configure it. Right-click on your WDS server and pick “Configure Server”

Step 14: Click on “Next”

Step 15: This depends on your, but I’m using WDS with “Integrated with Active Directory”

Step 16: Best practice is to redirect the RemoteInstall folder into a partition other than the C drive.

Step 17: If you leave the default location you will get the following warning. Click “Yes” to continue.

Step 18: Leave these two options checked off and click on “Next”

Step 19: I’m choosing “Respond to all client computers”, but you can pick your option that fits your setup. Click on “Next”

Step 20: It should be okay, but it doesn’t start right away you get the following in bold.

Step 21: Let’s start the WDS server manually by right-clicking on your WDS root node and picking “All Tasks > Start”

Step 22: Open your DHCP console and go into “Scope Options”

Step 23: Right-click and pick “Configure Options”

Step 24: Pick “066 Boot Server Host Name” and enter your IP address of your MDT/WDS server

Step 25: Pick “067 Bootfile Name”

Step 26: Enter the following for your Boot file name: \boot\x64\wdsnbp.com

Step 27: Go into your WDS console, right-click on the “Boot Images” folder and pick “Add Boot Images…”

Step 28: Click on “Browse”

Step 29: Go inside the “DeploymentShare\Boot”

Step 30: Click on “Next”

Step 31: Test your PXE boot!

Step 32: Your DHCP server should be releasing an IP address to your PXE’ed machine :). Congrats!!!!


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  1. Thank you so much. As you said this was your first time using dhcp vs a router/firewall this was my first time using it at this new job. I am creating an imaging station and this helped me to get it done. Thanks so much.

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