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How to Configure and Deploy Windows 10 Desktop Wallpaper with GPO

Windows 10 Desktop Wallpaper GPO

Windows 10 Desktop Wallpaper GPO

Implementing a wallpaper to your desktops within your office using a GPO is super easy and you can actually centralize the wallpaper into a share folder.

Step 1: Create a folder to drop your wallpaper into:

Step 2: Right click the folder and share it out. I added a $ to hide the folder

Step 3: Click on Permissions and make sure the Everyone is set to Read

Step 4: Add or make sure Domain Users is part of the security tab and set it as Read & Execute

Step 5: Create a GPO policy within the Group Policy Managment

Step 6: Right click on the new GPO and click on Edit

Step 7: Go to User Configuration >  Administrative Templates > Desktop > Desktop > “Desktop Wallpaper”

Step 8: Click on Enabled

Step 9: Make sure to use the UNC path for the location of your wallpaper

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3 Comments on How to Configure and Deploy Windows 10 Desktop Wallpaper with GPO

  1. Thanks,
    works good and avoids the user to change it afterwards. How cam a defined desktop wallpaper initially deployed and let the user to change it evem though?

  2. Hi,
    Now i format and install new activated windows10. after join in a domain only 1st time wallpaper will change when you change the new wallpaper on server side in the folder but client side still same(old wallpaper).if u have change the wallpaper on client side u have to delete current profile on client side tn u crate new profile tn new wallpaper can apply.

    but if u have windows 7 os on client side no need to do this thinks just put wallpaper on syswoll folder apply the group policy that it.
    you have other option for windows 10. plz guide me.

  3. Hi Sir,
    I am Tried several time only 1st time is working then i change the wallpaper it can’t change. always showing black screen even. i check by RSOP.MSC there is showing policy are applied but wallpaper screen is totally block.one more think my windows 10 is trial version so policy it cant work?
    plz reply im waiting.

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