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Reduce Interruptions with Luxafor Mini and Luxafor Bluetooth the LED Status Light



The Luxafor product is a light indicator that shows your coworkers when you need to focus and when you’re available to chat. It’s similar to a traffic light – it shines red or green, depending on when people can approach you and when they should let you work in peace.

The company is fund raising two new products: Luxafor Mini which is a smaller, compact version that also pushes your important notifications to your computer via USB connection and the Luxafor Bluetooth can be placed anywhere, so everyone can see updates and notifications.

Luxafor has already sold 4000 units worldwide. Each and every unit was made with a 3D printer, and assembled and tested in-house.

Their Kickstarter campaign is running right now and they hope to raise $33,000. Funds will go to mass-produce the Luxafor Mini and Bluetooth, and to make improvements to the original Luxafor device. For more information on Luxafor make sure to visit their Kickstarter page.

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