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Active Silicone Ring from Groove Life (Review)

Groove Ring

Groove Ring

What’s an active silicone ring? Well, it’s a ring that allows the most active person to keep a ring on without the ring moving around. Groove life created a silicone ring that keeps air from getting in and removing moisture within the ring; this means the ring will stay put and you don’t have to worry about it. The design of the Groove Life active ring was well designed with an infinity loops, air-ports and an inner arch that lessen the contact of your finger with the ring.

I’m not a huge fan with jewelry, so I found myself not wanting to wear the Groove Life active ring. The reason why is because the Groove Life ring looks and feels like a wedding ring when you put it on. Now, don’t automatically think it’s a wedding ring because the Groove ring is for non-married individuals who want to make a lifestyle statement.

Groove ring is super low profile which has been designed to be worn close to the skin without you noticing it’s there on your finger. Their were times when I had it on and never notice it until someone from far away noticed it due to it’s color and design. The ring catches many people attention because of the low profile, the beautifully designed features and the sleekness of how it fits on the finger.

The only major thing I recommend when purchasing an active ring from Groove Life is make sure you take the correct measurement of your finger. I made the mistake and got mine ring a bit small and it was tight fit, which is okay because I still looked good when I had it on.


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