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Windows 10 New OOBE Setup

The new OOBE process for Windows 10 latest build which is 1703 is very clean and easy to use. Here are some screen shots of the new OOBE setup.

Step 1: The basics will allow you configure the language & keyboard setup:

Step 2: Once the basics are done you will get the network configuration. If you have a laptop it might request a connection to SSID.

Step 3: Sign into an account to get started. Now, if you don’t have a Microsoft live account to log into Windows 10 you can choose “Domain join instead” this will allow you to create a local account within Windows 10.

Step 4: Is all about enabling Cortana. This option is really up to you, but I normally don’t use Cortana so a big NO for this process.

Step 5: Very important, so pay attention on all the privacy settings because by default many of the privacy settings that we don’t want enable are enable by default.

Step 6: Once the privacy settings are configured you click on Accept and you’re done. Let Windows 10 continue it pre-configuration process.

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