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Release Notes for iOS 11 Build 15A5278f

macOS High Sierra

macOS High Sierra

iOS 11 is pre-release software. Do not use this pre-release software in a commercial operating environment or with important data. You should back up all of your data before installing this software and regularly back up data while using the software.

Notes and Known Issues

32-bit Apps

  • 32-bit apps will be deprecated in iOS 11.
  • Selecting “Learn More” from the prompt after tapping on an already installed 32-bit app will not do anything.
  • Syncing 32-bit apps via iTunes will leave a placeholder for the app.

3D Touch

  • Using 3D Touch with data detectors (phone numbers, addresses, etc.) does not work in this beta.

3rd Party Apps

  • DirectTV may crash on launch.
  • Kindle books may not sync as expected.
  • MobileIron Mobile@Work may crash on launch.
  • Facebook Messenger will not launch with the Facebook app installed.
  • Tencent Video may crash on launch for some users.
  • Third-party keyboards may crash if not allowed full access.
  • The audio may drop during Skype calls.
  • Video playback controls in Amazon Video may stop working.
  • Navigation bars on some third party apps may not look right. This includes off-center icons in Youtube and HBO Now naviations bars as well as a missing search bar in Pinterest.
  • Users may be unable to log in to Pinterest using their email address.

Android Migration

  • Migrating from your Android phone may not succeed in this beta.

App Icons

  • After restoring a device from an iTunes backup, some app icons may appear white on the home screen. Reboot the device to make app icons appear correctly on home screen.
  • The prompt that appears while changing an icon displays a placeholder instead of the alternate app icon image.

App Store

  • In this beta, launching the App Store will cause other audio to stop playing.
  • For MDM devices, if you type your Apple ID password incorrectly the first time during app install, subsequent attempts will fail. To recover from this, push the MDM install command again and start over.
  • MDM/VPP apps can be stuck in waiting.
  • Un-enrolled Managed Devices may re-install MDM apps upon restore.
  • Attempting to to run TestFlight without a logged in AppStore Apple ID will result in a login failure.
  • Apps over 100MB may download over Cellular connection after acknowledging the warning prompt.
  • After restoring from a backup in iTunes, previously offloaded apps will not appear on the home screen, and must be manually re-downloaded from the App Store. User data is not affected, and will be present when the app installation completes.


  • Bluetooth accessories using Wireless iAP protocol may see connection issues in certain cases.


  • Users may get an error message when selecting Don’t Reply after reading a message in CarPlay.

Control Center

  • The expanded Wi-Fi UI in Control Center may not update the network name when transitioning between network names.
  • The Bluetooth button in Control Center now disconnects any connected audio devices. In Airplane mode, the Bluetooth button toggles Bluetooth power on/off.

Do Not Disturb

  • Do Not Disturb While Driving is not enabled in this beta.

Files (Document Manager)

  • Some Quick Look thumbnails do not show the appropriate thumbnail in the Files app
  • The Files app may not be able to Quick Look iWork documents.
  • VoiceOver is unable to interact with Done, List, or Share buttons when a user opens documents in the recents tab.


  • There is a known issue when dropping PDFs and books into iBooks. As a workaround, please use Share to import into iBooks.


  • Device Enrollment Program iPads do not support iCloud backups in this beta.
  • When restoring from iCloud Backup in Setup Assistant, you may not immediately see the correct list of backups. If the correct list doesn’t populate after waiting, sign in to iCloud again and retry this setup step again.
  • Some services do not sync correctly upon initial iCloud login. If this happens, please log out of iCloud and log back in on the same device. This should allow your account to login fully and sync all services.


  • Users who were logged in to separate iTunes and iCloud accounts may be logged out of their iTunes account and logged in to the same account as iCloud. As a workaround, sign out of iTunes and sign back in with the original iTunes account.


  • When a user revokes an application’s access to Media & Apple Music in Settings › Privacy › Media & Apple Music, the Music User Token is not revoked and can still be used with MusicKit REST APIs.
  • Song metadata will not be synced from the device to iTunes. This includes play counts, skip counts, and associated timestamps. Smart Playlists that use this criteria will not update (e.g. Recently Played). This does not affect Star Ratings or Love/Dislike.
  • When you set up a profile in Apple Music, the playlists you choose to hide from your profile may unexpectedly appear without songs on your profile or in Friends Are Listening To.
  • Elapsed time may not be updated when hitting play, pause, or seeking during video content playback.


  • Sometimes Messages on iCloud might be unavailable after the device has been offline.


  • Phone app may crash when a Voicemail message is deleted.
  • For certain carriers in certain geographies, some services such as Voicemail, Messaging, Call Wait, Call forwarding, etc., on Wi-Fi calling-enabled devices may not work as expected.
  • An SOS notification may be sent out even if the user cancels it.

Photos and Camera

  • Some third-party apps may not fully support HEVC and HEIF.
  • Share sheet will exit unexpectedly if you attempt to create a new Photos or Kaleidoscope Watch Face from the Create Watch face share option in Photos.
  • Portrait images may change slightly while in Edit mode.
  • In this beta, depth values in the 160×120 and 160×90 depth data formats (which are not the default) are half of the expected values. Conversely, disparity values are twice the expected value.
  • AirDrop sharing of Live Photos may result in an error when importing to Photos.
  • Photos newly captured on iOS 11 when connected to pre-macOS 10.13 will show the wrong orientation. Photos themselves post import will have the correct orientation
  • Importing RAW+JPG files using camera connection kit is not supported in this beta. If imported these photos will be treated as RAW.
  • Thumbnails in the Photos import view and Image Capture app may appear incorrectly. The resulting imported photos are unaffected.

Pop Over

  • Immediately homing out of a Pop Over-enabled app may cause touch to become unresponsive. To recover, tap on a different app in the dock or double-click the Home button.
  • When launching Pop Over-enabled apps from the Dock, you may briefly see the Pop Over or the Dock flash during the launch animation.


  • In iOS 11, we are introducing a new sync system for your Safari Bookmarks and Reading List to provide better syncing and security. Migration to the new sync system will occur silently and automatically once all the devices signed into your iCloud account are running iOS 11 and macOS 10.13.
  • Sometimes SFSafariViewController can show a blank screen. When this happens you can show the Cover Sheet or press the home button, and then return to the app.


  • Hindi Dictation is now supported on iOS 11. Both English and Hindi words can be spoken and recognized. Three keyboards (Hindi, Hindi Transliteration, Hinglish) are supported. The feature can be turned on by enabling the Hindi, Hinglish and Hindi – Transliteration keyboards from Settings › General › Keyboards, and tapping the microphone button on one of the newly added keyboards.
  • Siri features new female voices for English and Mexican Spanish. New voices for both genders for Brazilian Portuguese, Canadian French, Dutch and Swedish. Upgraded voice for both genders for Japanese and Chinese.
  • Siri now features support for translation requests in English US to Chinese, Spanish, German, French and Italian.
  • Lists & Notes domain implementation for non-English languages are still under development and may not work as well as en_US.
  • Switching Siri’s voice from settings screen will play a voice that is not the default voice for several languages. The issue will be resolved when the assets finishing downloading in the background.
  • Weather snippets currently show a sash icon associated with the iOS Weather app. It should be an icon showing The Weather Channel. Also, the snippet is missing a bottom attribution to the Weather Channel. The absence of this attribution-row is also preventing the tap capability to punch out to The Weather Channel app.
  • When a user verbally tries to disambiguate between two or more SiriKit apps in a disambiguation list, Siri opens the app directly instead of asking for permission or for more details.
  • If user does not mention app name in initial utterance, then selects an app from a disambiguation list, tapping on the app will lead directly to App Launch, instead of certain in-Siri actions.
  • Siri results for Weather, Stocks, and Movies queries may be illegible due to formatting issues.
  • Users may encounter disambiguation issues while using Siri for Phone and Messages. (32477407)
  • Siri UI may not be dismissed automatically from the screen while using Messages with CarPlay.
  • The spelling corrections feature provides users with the ability to correct Siri by spelling words when Siri makes mistakes recognizing speech. Spelling corrections can be triggered in the follow up utterances by phrases such as “It is spelled …”, “[No] I said/meant Akane [spelled] A K A N E”.


  • Social accounts have been removed from Settings in iOS 11. Third-party apps will no longer have access to those signed-in accounts.
  • “Offload App” feature does not work on apps shipped as part of iOS.
  • Storage graph and size information in the Settings does not always update.
  • When installing a profile for the first time, there here may be no response after tapping Install.
  • Personal hotspot data usage is not reflected in the cellular data usage UI when the device acts as the host on T-Mobile US devices.


  • On an Apple Watch running a version of watchOS earlier than 4.0, location activity does not correctly set the location arrow in the status bar or in Settings.
  • Under certain conditions, watchOS email alerts can ignore configured settings.
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