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Sysprep and Capture Windows 10 1709 with MDT 8450

Sysprep and Capture MDT 8450

One of the great features on MDT 8450 is to sysprep and capture Windows 10. Apparently, the latest version of MDT from Microsoft has the same issue that I faced during the MDT 2010 build.

It errors out during the process of sysprep and capturing within the task sequence. During the server room episode 35 we went over the error and fixed it on the show. Hopefully, Microsoft fixes the issue when they release an update for MDT 8450.


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1 Comment on Sysprep and Capture Windows 10 1709 with MDT 8450

  1. Hello
    i want to capture an image and i got insufficient disk error messages and i saw your solutions by going through litouch.vbs script on the reference machine directly.
    1- before running the script we do the sysprep (restart). my question if we do sysprep (restart) then enter the windows session to run the ltouch.vbs script, then the system will create a SID and since we haven’t done sysprep.

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