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iOS 12 Beta Release Notes and Known Issues

iiOS 12 is pre-release software

iOS 12 is pre-release software. Do not use this pre-release software in a commercial operating environment or with important data. You should back up all of your data before installing this software and regularly back up data while using the software. This version of iOS is intended for installation only by registered participants in Apple’s AppleSeed program.

Notes and Known Issues


New Issues
  • The “Maps Nearby” widget buttons don’t launch the Maps app.
  • Opening an iWork document via AirDrop or Files app might cause the device to become unresponsive..
    Workaround: Reboot the device.
  • Time Zones might not update automatically.
    Workaround: Set the Time Zone manually using Date & Time in Settings > General
  • Universal Links might not open the expected target app. Please submit a bug report if you experience this problem.

3rd Party Apps

New Issues
  • Skype might unexpectedly quit after logging in.
  • Some EA games (Real Racing 3, Sims 3 Free Play) might unexpectedly quit on launch..
  • Some users might be unable to log in to or view account information in the Bank of America app..
  • Citi Mobile might unexpectedly quit on launch..


New Issues
  • Platform Switching for Switch Control is unavailable in iOS 12 beta. This feature will be re- enabled in an upcoming beta.
  • Sysdiagnose initiation via the Analytics menu item in AssistiveTouch and Switch Control is currently unavailable.
  • Newly-created calendar events might be unavailable to VoiceOver.


New Issues
  • The route map for a workout might be unavailable.

App Store

New Issues
  • Signing into a previously-used sandbox account during the In-App Purchase flow might produce unexpected results.
  • When an Apple Pay payment sheet is presented in Safari on a Mac without Touch ID, you will be unable to confirm the payment if your iPhone or Apple Watch display is off..
    Workaround: Wake your iPhone or Apple Watch display before attempting the transaction.

Apple Pay

New Issues
  • When an Apple Pay payment sheet is presented in Safari on a Mac without Touch ID, you will be unable to confirm the payment if iPhone or Apple Watch’s display is off..


New Issues
  • Alarms are currently unavailable while using CarPlay.


New Issues
  • While typing in certain apps, keyboard suggestions might overlap.
    Workaround: Close and re-open the app or document.


New Issues
  • Certain languages might exhibit clipped or misaligned layout.
  • Certain languages might display unlocalized text.

Personal Hotspot

New Issues
  • Personal Hotspot might be unavailable.

Phone and FaceTime

New Issues
  • In iOS 12 beta, Group FaceTime is available only on iPhone 7 or later and is unavailable on iPad.
  • In iOS 12 beta, Camera Effects in Messages is available only on iPhone SE and iPhone 6s or later and is unavailable on iPad. Camera Effects in FaceTime is available only on iPhone 7 or later and is unavailable on iPad.
  • During a Group FaceTime call, the text overlay feature might remain invisible until the preview window is moved downward.
  • Attempting to add an additional participant to a FaceTime call with many participants might not succeed.
  • During a FaceTime call, iPad Pro (10.5-inch), iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (2nd generation), and iPad (6th generation) don’t send video to the receiving device.
  • Wi-Fi calls might end unexpectedly when transitioning from Wi-Fi to cellular while on the T-Mobile network.
  • Voicemail notifications might be inconsistent and not appear when the device is locked.
  • The Calls on Other Devices using your carrier account feature is unavailable and will be re-enabled in an upcoming beta.
  • Users might be unable to configure Call Forwarding.
  • Wi-Fi Calling might be disabled after updating to iOS 12.
    Workaround: Switch Wi-Fi Calling back to On in Settings > Phone.
  • Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) customers using the Bell network in Canada might experience an error message when attempting to sign up for a cellular plan or when attempting to access ‘Manage Bell Account’.


New Issues
  • Search results might be unavailable when using languages other than English.

Safari & WebKit

New Issues
  • Rotating the device while viewing a PDF in Safari might prevent the PDF from scrolling or maximizing layout width.

Screen Time

New Issues
  • App usage data is not removed after an app has been deleted..
  • Screen Time settings don’t sync between devices; however, usage data is synced.
  • Usage breakdown by app will be available in an upcoming beta.
  • “Picked Up Phone” statistics might be inflated due to data syncing from other devices signed into the same iCloud account..
  • Screen Time website usage for a child will not be displayed on the parent’s device, but might be read on the child’s device.
  • The default Always Allowed apps will not be allowed in Downtime until after tapping Settings > Screen Time > Always Allowed to refresh the list of apps.
  • Users might receive multiple Screen Time Weekly Report notifications..
  • Apps and Websites might be disabled even after Screen Time is disabled.
    Workaround: Click the Ignore Limit button and Select Remind Me or Ignore.
  • Modifying Time for an App Limit will overwrite customized days without warning.
  • Use only numbers when creating a Screen Time passcode or it might become impossible to enter the passcode.
  • Some child iCloud accounts might not report usage data back to the parent’s device.


New Issues
  • Siri might produce unexpected responses to “Where is my…” queries.
  • Messages might not launch when tapping on message content.
    Workaround: Exit Siri and launch Messages.
  • Adding shortcuts to Siri might fail for shortcuts with images in PDF format.
    Workaround: Use another image format.
  • When performing a shortcut in Siri, custom responses will not be included in the confirmation dialog text which Siri reads..
  • Siri Suggestions for Shortcuts are enabled on iPhone 6s or later, iPad Pro, iPad (5th generation or later), iPad Air 2, and iPad mini 4.

USB Accessories

New Features
  • To improve security, iOS 12 beta might require you unlock your passcode-protected iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch in order to connect it to a Mac, PC, or USB accessory.
  • If you use iPod Accessory Protocol (iAP) USB accessories over the Lightning connector (such as CarPlay, assistive devices, charging accessories, or storage carts) or you connect to a Mac or PC you might need to unlock your device to recognize the accessory. If you don’t unlock your device it will not communicate with the accessory or computer, and it will not charge. Note that you don’t need to unlock your device to charge using an Apple USB power adapter.
  • If a USB accessory is not recognized after you unlock your device, disconnect it, unlock your device, and reconnect the accessory.
  • If you normally use a USB assistive device to enter your passcode, you might allow it to communicate with your device while it is locked by enabling “USB Accessories” in Settings > Face ID/Touch ID & Passcode.

Voice Memos

New Issues
  • Voice Memos don’t sync to iTunes.
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