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Lenovo Demos Vision for Smarter Meeting Space at Infocomm 2018

Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 700

Lenovo will showcase its portfolio of meeting room solutions including the new ThinkSmart Hub 700 at Infocomm 2018. We are investing in technology and partnerships to transform the meeting room experience, from inefficient and frustrating spaces plagued by unreliable connectivity, poor audio, lack of content sharing, too many cables, ports and power outlets, to efficient and productive spaces.

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The new ThinkSmart Hub 700 hardware and software platform lets:

  • Local and remote users can quickly connect and share simultaneously from any device, either wired or wireless
  •  Intelligent hardware with sensors detect in-room participant presence and pair devices simply
  • Audio perform loud and clear through the Dolby AudioTM Speaker System, with enhanced speakers co-designed with Dolby
  • Unified communications platforms like Skype for Business, Zoom or BlueJeans work seamlessly

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ThinkSmart Software Platform is an extensive management console that drives the collaboration experience:

  • Room experience – allows users to start scheduled or adhoc meetings quickly
  • Client experience – offers Client applications that help users easily connect and share content
  • The Console experience – helps administrators maintain and deploy the ThinkSmart Hub 700, provides rich room health reporting and meeting space telemetry

Businesses need creative collaboration to operate effectively in today’s digital and global world. That’s why workplace optimization ranks highly on many customers’ agendas, particularly with smart offices and meeting rooms. Studies show 92 percent of businesses are planning workplace transformation initiatives. Furthermore, employees want to work smarter, as more than 50% expect to be working in a smart office in the next five years.

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Our smart meeting room solutions help conduct and manage meetings quickly and simply, allowing participants to focus on exchanging ideas, being creative and concluding meetings with a sense of achievement. At Infocomm 2018, we are showcasing solutions that eliminate meeting room pain points, including the:

  • New ThinkSmart Hub 700 that provides an agnostic meeting room experience with support for Skype for Business, Zoom and BlueJeans unified communications platforms.
  • All-in-one ThinkSmart Hub 500 designed to leverage Skype Room Systems infrastructure
  • Intel Unite and ThinkCentre Tiny desktop solution focuses on in-room wireless sharing across various devices
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