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macOS Mojave beta 3 Release Notes

macOS Mojave

macOS Mojave beta 3 is pre-release software. Do not use this pre-release software in a commercial operating environment or with important data. You should back up all of your data before installing this software and regularly back up data while using the software.

Always back up your data and files before installing beta versions of macOS. If you have multiple Mac computers, we strongly recommend installing on a secondary system. Backing up files on a Mac is easy with Time Machine, the built-in backup utility.

Notes and Known Issues

New Issues

  • On iMac Pro, Software Updates and macOS installation might be prevented if more than one volume has the same name.

Resolved Issues

  • Users running macOS Mojave developer beta will be unable to install macOS Mojave public beta from the Apple Beta Software Program. In addition, users who run the Beta Access Utility from an existing installation of the developer beta will be unable to remove the installer downloaded during the process.
  • When attempting to install macOS Mojave on Mac Pro mid 2010 and mid 2012 models you might see an error message ‘This version of macOS 10.14 cannot be installed on this computer.’
  • When using a MacBook (Early 2016 or newer) in clamshell mode attached to an external display, users might experience graphical artifacts on the built-in display if the clamshell is reopened.
  • Installation on iMac configured with a 3TB Fusion Drive is not currently supported.
  • After updating to macOS Mojave beta 2, you might be unable to proceed through Setup Assistant.
  • Location Services and its System Services might be disabled.
  • Migrating from Microsoft Windows requires a new version of Windows Migration Assistant which will be available in an upcoming beta.
  • iOS devices running versions earlier than iOS 9 might not be recognized by macOS Mojave.

Known Issues

  • Connecting an unsupported USB-C display might cause the built-in display of your Mac to turn off.
    Workaround: Disconnect the unsupported display.
  • Dashboard widget backdrops might display visual artifacts.d> iMac Pro might be unable to boot from certain types of external media.
  • When beginning installation of macOS Mojave beta on iMac Pro, your Mac might shut down instead of rebooting.

32-bit Deprecation
New Features

  • 32-bit processes will now trigger an alert on launch.
  • Users can review 32-bit processes using the System Information application. The Software > Legacy Software report provides an overview of impacted software.

Resolved Issues

  • Unsigned 32-bit processes might hang on launch.

Known Issues

  • The presentation of certain 32-bit deprecation alerts might be delayed for some time after an application is launched.


  • Administrators are encouraged to review root-owned daemons and processes on behalf of non-administrator users, as these users may lack permissions required to resolve previously-installed 32-bit dependencies.

Resolved Issues

  • AirDrop might not work in some apps.

Apple File System (APFS)
Known Issues

  • After enabling or disabling FileVault, the volume will become invisible to pre-macOS Mojave systems until the encryption or decryption process completes.

Disk Utility
Known Issues

  • Important: Do not use Disk Utility while booted from Internet Recovery to erase an APFS Fusion container.
    Workaround: Use Disk Utility while booted into macOS Mojave.

Resolved Issues

  • Users might be logged out unexpectedly when disconnecting an eGPU.

FaceTime and Messages
Resolved Issues

  • Automatic enlargement of the speaker’s tile during a Group FaceTime call is not enabled while using external headphones.

Known Issues

  • Mac Pro mid 2010 and mid 2012 models might be unable to login to FaceTime and iMessage.
  • Group FaceTime calls can’t be initiated between macOS Mojave beta 2 and the first iOS 12 beta release.
    Workaround: These users should update to iOS 12 beta 2.


  • Grab has been superseded by the new Screenshots feature in macOS Mojave. An app launcher for Screenshots will be available in an upcoming beta.

Known Issues

  • Inviting iOS 11 users who have multiple email addresses associated with their Apple ID to a home might not succeed.
    Workaround: Send the invitation to a different email address or phone number associated with the Apple ID of the iOS 11 user.

Resolved Issues

  • When using Mac Pro mid 2010 and mid 2012 models, iTunes might unexpectedly quit on launch.

New Features

  • British English, Australian English, Canadian French, and Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) localization has been added to macOS Mojave.

Resolved Issues

  • When using Right-to-Left languages such as Arabic or Hebrew, New Built-in Mac Apps (News, Stocks, Voice Memos, and Home) order Menu items Left-to-Right instead of Right-to-Left.

Known Issues

  • Certain languages might exhibit clipped or misaligned layout.
  • Certain languages might display unlocalized text

Mac App Store
Resolved Issues


  • Some users might encounter “Cannot connect to App Store.” after switching store locales.Mail

    • The Stationery feature has been removed.

    New Issues

    • You might be unable to rename a saved Favorite location.
    • After clicking ETA labels for alternate routes, an empty callout might appear.
    • After generating a navigation route, the close window button might not work.
      Workaround: Quit Maps and relaunch it.

    Resolved Issues

    • The appearance of Maps displayed within 3rd Party Apps isn’t dynamically updated when the Dark Map appearance setting is toggled in the Maps app.

    New Built-in Mac Apps
    Resolved Issues

    • Users might hear an unexpected ‘pop’ sound at the beginning of Voice Memos recorded using macOS Mojave beta.
    • On Macs with a Force Touch trackpad, News and Stocks might quit unexpectedly when you Force click text to look up the definition of a word.
    • Sharing and editing in Voice Memos is unavailable in macOS 10.14 beta.
    • News, Stocks, Voice Memos, and Home might not launch.
    • After dragging the playhead within a Voice Memo, the Replace button might not resume recording.

    Resolved Issues

    • When using Mac Pro mid 2010 and mid 2012 models, Notes might unexpectedly quit on launch.

    New Features

    • 3rd Party Apps cannot access protected storage unless they are added to the Application Data category located in the Privacy tab of Security & Privacy System Preferences.

    Known Issues

    • Although users may grant 3rd Party Apps permission to access protected storage, currently there is no method for granting permission to helper services or background daemons of these apps.

    Safari and WebKit

    • Legacy NPAPI browser plug-ins are no longer supported in Safari, with the exception of Adobe Flash. These plug-ins will not be loaded and cannot be re-enabled.

    Social Network Integrations

    • macOS Mojave no longer includes built-in integrations with social networking and media sites. Developers may use a sharing extension if this functionality is desired.


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