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XYZprinting Announces the da Vinci Color mini 3D Printer at CES 2019

da Vinci Color mini

XYZprinting, the world’s leading 3D printer manufacturer, unveiled multiple additions to its 3D printer product line at CES 2019 as it continues to strive in making 3D printing accessible to a mass audience. The company is proud to announce a new revolutionary full-color 3D printer, an expanded filament line and an upgraded extruder option.

The da Vinci Color mini, the company’s second- generation desktop full-colored FFF 3D printer that suits the needs of any small business owners, designers, makers and consumers who want to explore the use of color 3D printing for prototyping purposes.

CEO Simon Shen said, “Our investment in full-color 3d printing technology has opened the door to the next level of 3D printing innovation. By providing an affordable and compact full-color printer, we are very pleased to be bringing color 3D printing technology within reach for small businesses, schools, designers, makers and general consumers. We will continue to provide innovative, high-quality 3D printers while making it affordable for everyone to utilize this technology and incorporate it into their daily lives.”

The addition of new XYZ filaments, such as Carbon Fiber PLA and Metallic PLA, gives users access to higher performance material. To facilitate printing with XYZprinting’s Carbon Fiber PLA or Metallic PLA filaments, the company has developed a Hardened Steel nozzle upgrade option, which is extremely resistant to wear caused by the abrasive new materials. This option is available for select XYZ printers, such as the da Vinci mini series and the da Vinci Jr. Pro. series, at a price of $79.95. For the da Vinci Color series, the Hardened Steel extruder will cost $119.95.

XYZprinting also launched another new filament called the Antibacterial PLA. Designed with antibacterial properties, the new Antibacterial PLA is a special filament which uses silver ions to inhibit bacterial growth by at least 99 percent, greatly reducing the risk of infections. By using this filament, users are given the added assurance that their daily 3D printed items are safe and can be used for functional prints for families and friends to use within the household. Parents and educators can enjoy a worry-free 3D printing experience when creating prints with their children and students as the Antibacterial PLA comes with enhanced protection against germs and infections, making it a safe and hygienic material choice for children who are learning 3D printing. The Antibacterial PLA is priced at $25.95 for 600 grams and can be purchased at the XYZprinting eShop. It is compatible with the da Vinci nano series, the da Vinci Jr. and Jr. Pro series, the Color series and the da Vinci Super.

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