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Playcrafting and Bose Debut New “Heads Up, Hands Free” Audio AR Games At PAX East 2019

Playcrafting and Bose announced at this year’s PAX EAST 2019 event that they will reveal the first set of games, many created by select Boston-based developers during the first “Bose AR Game Jam” (watch recap here) for the traveling “Bose AR-cade” at PAX East 2019, which takes place in Boston from March 28-31. The games were built on the Bose AR platform.

The Bose AR-cade is part of a year-long alliance between Playcrafting and Bose, who are teaming up to invest in game developers from across the United States, giving them access to the latest Bose AR-enabled wearables and developer tools. Through the collaboration, select game developers from Boston, New York and San Francisco will work together in their respective cities to create 20 exclusive games during Bose AR Game Jams. The games will be showcased in the traveling Bose AR-cade at the gaming industry’s biggest events in 2019.

The technology of Bose AR-cade is centered around the revolutionary Bose AR Frames and QC35 Series II headphones, recently updated with Bose AR technology. These products feature the world’s first audio augmented reality platform. Unlike other augmented reality platforms, Bose AR doesn’t change what you see, or use a lens or phone camera to superimpose objects in your sightline. Instead, it combines a nine-axis, head motion sensor with the GPS from a paired iOS or Android device to produce a layer of audio, connecting users’ movement, or the exact place they’re looking at, to provide endless possibilities for gaming, and more.

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