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Setup Microsoft ADFS in Server 2019

Configure ADFS Server 2019

Last week I received an email from one of my viewers asking if I had any videos dealing with ADFS – Active Directory Federation Services. I did a search on the YouTube channel and nothing. So I decided to make a configuration video on ADFS.

First step is to install ADFS role into your server. Nowadays, I’ve been doing everything with PowerShell. Within PowerShell you will need to run the following command Install-WindowsFeature adfs-federation -IncludeManagementTools

You will continue the configuration of ADFS within Server Manager

During the configuration of ADFS you will get the following warning. You can bypass it or click on “Show more” to view the fix.

Continue with the ADFS configuration wizard and you should get a green check mark during the pre-requisite check. If not, make sure to view the issues and fix them before configuring ADFS.

Open up a browser and go to the following address to check on the ADFS implementation

Click on “Sign in”. You should be able to sign in with now issues.

I recommend to view the video tutorial above because I break it down into fine details. The article is basic highlights on how to configure Microsoft’s Active Directory Federation Services within Windows Server 2019.

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