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Notes and Known Issues

Accessory Security

New Features
  • On portable Mac computers with Apple silicon, new USB and Thunderbolt accessories require user approval before the accessory can communicate with macOS for connections wired directly to the USB-C port. This doesn’t apply to power adapters, standalone displays, or connections to an approved hub. Devices can still charge if you choose Don’t Allow.You can change the security configuration in System Settings > Security and Privacy > Security. The initial configuration is Ask for new accessories. Configuring an accessibility Switch Control sets the policy to always allow accessory use. Approved devices can connect to a locked Mac for up to three days.Accessories attached during software update from prior versions of macOS are allowed automatically. New accessories attached prior to rebooting the Mac might enumerate and function, but won’t be remembered until connected to an unlocked Mac and explicitly approved. (43338666)

App Store

New Features
  • AppTransaction allows developers to cryptographically verify that the app was purchased on the App Store. (86739279)
  • A property environment is included in Product.SubscriptionInfo.RenewalInfo and Transaction . It represents the server environment in which the RenewalInfo and Transaction occurred, respectively. (85988753)
  • The recentSubscriptionStartDate property is included in Product.SubscriptionInfo.RenewalInfo . It represents the date that marks the start of the most recent period of continuous subscription. A period is considered a continuous subscription if there’s no more than a 60-day gap between any two subscribed periods. (86599570)
  • The priceLocale property is included in Product . Use this property to format price values deriving from the product’s decimal price. (81480683)
  • Present the offer code redemption sheet with the offerCodeRedemption(isPresented:onCompletion:) view modifier in your SwiftUI apps. (85321941)
  • The StoreKit Messages API allows you to control when App Store messages are displayed in your app. (85321880)
  • Read the requestReview environment value to get an instance of a RequestReviewAction . Then, call this instance to request to display a review prompt from your SwiftUI apps. (86739003)


Known Issues
  • The “Enable this account” checkbox found in Calendar > Preferences > Accounts won’t function for certain account types, such as iCloud or Google. You can still enable and disable Calendar accounts from System Settings > Internet Accounts. (93464496)


Known Issues
  • In the Clock app, you might not be able to type a digit into the timer hour, minute, or second fields. (92776027)
    • Workaround: Press the up or down arrow key and then type a digit.

File System

New Features
  • There’s a change to the implementation of the msdos and exfat file systems. Apps that check for those specific file system formats might not detect them. Please file feedback if this impacts your app. (90768681)


Known Issues
  • Using the inflection capabilities of AttributedString(localized:…) in conjunction with a quantity won’t work for text written in the Spanish language. (93126015)

Game Controller

New Features
  • Many additional Bluetooth and USB game controllers are supported by the Game Controller framework on macOS 13, iOS 16, and tvOS 16 and later. (82409809)


Known Issues
  • When searching for words that contain diacritics, suggestions for some languages might display apostrophes instead of accented characters. (92679833)
  • After updating to iOS & iPadOS 16 beta, it might take 24 hours or longer until search features function as expected. (61137313)
  • Searching for “me” doesn’t show suggestions for yourself or your “me” card. (93228606)
    • Workaround: Search for your email address instead.
  • Pasting text into the search field and searching via Search Mail for Contact on a contact card doesn’t work in languages other than English. (93613150)
  • The High Priority Mail search suggestion isn’t available. (93266352)
  • Mail Search doesn’t offer many temporal suggestions. (93109504)
    • Workaround: Type the full temporal suggestion, such as Last Week.
  • Send Later always offers Send Now, Send Tonight, Send Tomorrow Night, and Send Later (custom option), without the refinement to have more awareness of the current time. (93925346)
  • Searching using the NOT Boolean operator doesn’t work. (93230372)
  • Moving a Remind Me message to another mailbox doesn’t remove the Remind Me banner. (93685824)
  • Notifications for fired Remind Me messages don’t appear. (90661689)
  • Highlighted search snippets might stay visible after closing search. (91830631)
    • Workaround: Switch mailboxes to refresh the list.


Known Issues
  • Apps compiled for Intel-based Mac computers while running in Rosetta 2 on a Mac with an M1 chip might encounter MapKit map views with a black base map. (93589887)


Known Issues
  • When using the new Metal mesh shaders feature, render pipeline state objects (PSOs) created with a mesh shader stage but without a object shader stage can fail to compile or fail to work correctly on some devices. (89836551)
    • Workaround: When creating render PSOs with a mesh shader stage, also include a (potentially trivial pass-through) object shader stage.
  • The MTLResource.gpuHandle is deprecated. (92862429)
    • Workaround: Use gpuResourceID instead, which functions as a replacement.

Metal Offline Compiler

Known Issues
  • AppStore TestFlight distribution of apps with Metal Offline Compiler GPU binaries fails and results in validation errors. (93124006)
    • Workaround: Certain preview test clients with source access might build the app project locally.
  • Adding a pipeline descriptor that uses MTLLinkedFunctions to a MTLBinaryArchive is unsupported and has undefined runtime behavior. (90776424)
    • Workaround: Limit use of MTLLinkedFunctions to PSO creation APIs instead of the Metal Binary Archive API.
  • When using Metal mesh shaders on a device with Apple silicon, object or mesh shaders producing large amounts of output data can result in incorrect rendering and device instability. (93797539)
    • Workaround: Try reducing the object and mesh output data with the following actions:
    • Decrease the object dispatch grid size.
    • Decrease the object shader [[payload]] attribute size.
    • Decrease the number of generated mesh threadgroups.
    • Decrease the size of the metal::mesh object.
    • Alternatively, try splitting the drawMesh call into a series of smaller drawMesh calls (smaller object grids), spread over multiple render encoders.
  • When using Metal mesh shaders on a device with Apple silicon, vertex buffers set at indices 29 or 30 can become unset after calling any of these methods: drawMeshThreadgroupsdrawMeshThreadsdrawMeshThreadgroupsWithIndirectBuffer. (93797408)
    • Workaround: Reset the vertex buffers at indices 29 or 30 after issuing drawMesh calls if needed by subsequent drawPrimitive calls.
  • When using Metal mesh shaders on a device with Apple silicon, graphics corruption can occur when emitting a metal::mesh with a large number of primitives and using the viewport_array_indexrender_target_array_index, or primitive_culled per-primitive attributes. (93797184)
    • Workaround: Emit 170 or fewer primitives per mesh shader threadgroup when using the viewport_array_indexrender_target_array_index, or primitive_culled per-primitive attributes.
  • The names of classes in MetalFX headers don’t match WWDC session. (93712694)
    • Workaround: Use the names in header files and docs.
  • MetalFX effect outputs aren’t designed to be consumed by the CPU. Outputting to a texture that is read only by the CPU might result in synchronization issues. (91515075)
    • Workaround: If a CPU reading of the MetalFX output is desired, instead of encoding the MetalFX effect as the last item in a command buffer, encode a dummy blit that consumes the MetalFX output texture (a 1-pixel region blit is fine) in the command buffer. After the command buffer with the dummy blit is finished, reading of the MetalFX effect output texture with CPU synchronizes correctly.
  • MFXTemporalScalingEffect currently only supports an input resolution of ≥ 1280 x 720 and an output resolution of exactly 2x. Creating MFXTemporalScalingEffect with other attibutes returns nil for the object creation. (92913479)


Known Issues
  • Reordering a Shared Tab Group by one user reorders that Tab Group for every user in the share. (88779674)


Known Issues
  • Prompts from installers and upgraders asking for user consent to manage apps are reduced in some scenarios. (94192721)


Known Issues
  • The Stocks watchlist widget incorrectly shows Watchlist Deleted, but the watchlist is present in the app. (93070133)
    • Workaround: Remove and re-add the widget.


New Features
  • All StoreKit APIs are now annotated for sendability and main actor isolation. (84157048)
Known Issues
  • Calling the review request API in the sandbox environment on macOS apps doesn’t bring up the review prompt. (93249271)
  • Interrupted purchases might not complete in macOS apps. (93260007)
  • Deprecated the SKDownload API and removed the option to upload nonconsumable in-app purchase assets for Apple to host. In addition, support for managing these assets in App Store Connect is no longer available as of April 2022. (89764253)


Known Issues
  • Network.framework resolved an issue that could cause NWBrowserNWConnectionNWConnectionGroupNWEthernetChannelNWListener, and NWPathMonitor to trigger a retain cycle when various Handler blocks are set. Starting with macOS 13, iOS 16, watchOS 9, and tvOS 16, if software using Network.framework targets these releases as the minimum OS, the object releases any blocks they captured once cancelled, breaking the retain cycle. (89677097)
    • Workaround: For software targeting older versions, the retain cycle can be broken by setting the handler blocks to nil after canceling the object.


New Features
  • You can now place a TextField in an Alert by using alert modifiers that accept a ViewBuilder . (64819930)
  • For controlSection , or other views that have a Label , the ViewBuilder content now automatically arranges and styles multiple views as hierarchical elements, such as title and subtitle. If the label views are intended to be arranged horizontally rather than hierarchically, wrap the views within an HStack . (85184563)
  • TextField supports multiline text. Use a Axis.vertical axis on a text field to allow rendering of multiple lines in contexts like forms, where text is expected to be short to medium length. For long-form text editing, continue to use a TextEditor . (51463718)
  • list supports Section footers. (78462739)
  • When presenting a sheet or window, SwiftUI now uses focus state bindings to determine where focus should be placed by default. Clients can specify a custom binding assignment using the new View.defaultFocus(_:_:) modifier. (81837128)
  • Applying View.focusable(false) to a container now also disables focus for the container’s contents. (89362190)
  • An alert presented using an Error displays as a critical alert, which shows a caution symbol with the app icon overlaid. (82014147)
  • Lists and tables automatically support type-to-select, using the first Text content in each cell. (85956291)
  • Windows created using SwiftUI no longer have a maximum size by default. The user can resize them to fill the screen. To enforce a maximum size, use the .windowResizability(.contentSize) modifier. (92634133)
Resolved Issues
  • Fixed: Using @Environment(\.dismiss) no longer causes a view to be invalidated when the Environment changes. (86771246)
  • Fixed: onHover now respects the content shape of the view, similar to other gestures. If a view doesn’t have a content shape, applying a contentShape(Rectangle()) before the onHover modifier produces a similar result as previous releases. (56450953)
  • Fixed: On macOS, sidebars within a sheet respect the minimum and maximum width of their contents and won’t be collapsible. (89625259)
Known Issues
  • SwiftUI views log to the console [UIFocus] <typename> implements focusItemsInRect: - caching for linear focus movement is limited as long as this view is on screen. (93428139)
  • Passing multiple children to a custom Layout fails to compile. (92914226)
  • Pickers might appear empty and fail to update when the initial selection is bound to a value that doesn’t correspond to a tag. (92282222)
  • Subitems in an OutlineGroup can display the layout incorrectly. (93248032)
  • A view-based NavigationLink in a List fails to update the visible selection of the list. (92193873)
  • On macOS, when using the default project template, the resulting window is initially too small for its contents. (93933655)
  • Pickers in Catalyst, optimized for Mac idiom, don’t display their labels. (93897594)
  • Using a NavigationStack within a NavigationSplitView has incorrect back button behavior. It causes the window to be closed rather than navigating back to the previous view on the stack. (93511885)

Swift Charts

Known Issues
  • Charts might crash after repeatedly rendering charts with cubic curve lines. (93476090)
  • Automatic accessibility elements aren’t yet available for marks other than bars. (92035605)
  • Audio graphs aren’t yet available for marks other than bars. (58689362)
  • Audio graphs might appear unexpectedly on each bar in a bar chart. (93617442)

System Settings

Known Issues
  • Network Account Server isn’t available in Users & Groups settings for macOS. (91719458)

Third-Party Apps

Known Issues
  • Windows virtual machines (VMs) might initially render black. (92891101)
    • Workaround: Suspend and resume the VM.


Resolved Issues
  • Fixed: The default values of ID_AA64PFR0_EL1 was changed in macOS 13. The fields EL2 and EL3 now report 0x0 instead of 0x1. This can affect restoring virtual machines from a saved state. (92303627)


Known Issues
  • Automatic Payments are only supported on Visa and Discover payment networks. Mastercard and Amex aren’t currently supported. (93337069)
  • Devices running macOS can unexpectedly register for ordering tracking updates. (91342464)
  • Some cells in the Apple Pay sheet might have an unexpected yellow tint in Dark Mode. (92171434)
  • In an Apple Pay transaction, changing the shipping address might not recalculate the final amount if shipping charges apply. (93434317)
  • The Touch ID glyph might disappear from the Apple Pay sheet. You might be unable to authorize the transaction. (93460787)
    • Workaround: Resize the window that presented the Apple Pay sheet.
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