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Install and Configure Azure AD Connect

Azure Active Directory Connect

Azure AD Connect is a tool provided by Microsoft that enables organizations to synchronize their on-premises Active Directory environment with Azure Active Directory. There are several reasons why an organization might want to install and configure Azure AD Connect:

  • By synchronizing on-premises identities to Azure AD, users can use the same username and password to sign in to both on-premises and cloud-based applications. This provides a seamless experience for users and eliminates the need for them to remember multiple sets of credentials.
  • By synchronizing on-premises identities to Azure AD, organizations can centrally manage and control access to their cloud-based applications. This allows IT teams to easily provision and deprovision user accounts and manage access to resources.
  • Many organizations operate in a hybrid environment, where some applications and data are hosted on-premises while others are hosted in the cloud. Azure AD Connect enables organizations to seamlessly integrate their on-premises and cloud-based environments, providing a consistent user experience across both.

Check out the below video for the step-by-step instructions on how to install and configure Azure Active Directory Connect.

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