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Unleash your creativity with Lenovo Flex 6 Laptop

The Lenovo Flex 6 14” is a sleek convertible PC with a rotating 360° hinge that lets you use it in multiple viewing modes to fit your needs. It is tailored for consumers who are looking for a convertible laptop that meets everyday computing needs, without sacrificing features.

The Flex 6 14” starts at an affordable price of $599. It’s offered with a host of features typically found only high-end convertibles like a brushed aluminum palm rest, slim bezels, discrete NVIDIA graphics, Harman branded speakers with Dolby, fast charging, a fingerprint reader, and an optional Active Pen.

The Flex 6 14” will adapt to different scenarios thanks to the 360-degree hinge that Lenovo pioneered several years ago. Choose stand or tent mode for viewing movies and video chatting. Use it purely as a touch device in tablet mode and switch back to classic laptop mode when the keyboard is needed for productivity tasks. The Flex 6 14” comes in a two-tone Onyx Black color and has a premium brushed aluminum palm rest that not only adds to the looks, but improves its durability too.

Flex 6 14_Hero_front_faciang_right_Tablet_Onyx_Black

The slim bezels on the Flex 6 14” maximizes the viewing experience and by reducing the bezels, it has helped reduce the overall footprint of the device from the previous generation by a small amount. The left and right bezels measure just 8.8mm, while the top bezel measures 10.15mm.

The Flex 6 14” is equipped with a touch fingerprint sensor that adds an additional source of security and convenience when logging into your device and applications with Windows Hello.

The Flex 6 14” is bundled with the optional Lenovo Active Pen. This opens up a new world of interaction with Windows Ink Workspace features like sticky notes, sketching, and annotating screenshots. The Active Pen will provide up to 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity and dramatically expands the creative potential of the Flex 6 14”.

Flex 6 14_Tour_right_side_open_Onyx_Black

Two high quality Harman speakers flank the corners of the Flex 6 14” and provide clear audio for enjoying multimedia content. In addition to the premium speakers, Dolby Audio Premium further improves the listening experience by dynamically adjusting to each situation. If preferred, these professionally tuned profiles can be manually selected from the Dolby Audio application.

The Flex 6 14” gets a bump in performance thanks to the 8th Generation Intel Kaby Lake R processor that pushes four cores, running on only 15 watts of power. This gives the device more processing power per watt and in some cases improvements in performance by up to forty percent.

Flex 6 14_Hero_Front_facing_right_Onyx_Black

Additionally, this review model is configured with an NVIDIA GeForce MX130 discrete graphics chip that gives the Flex 6 14” an additional boost in the graphics performance when needed. The MX130 is among NVIDIA’s more efficient graphics options and works alongside the system to dynamically adjust performance as needed using various GeForce technologies.

Flex 6 14_Hero_Rear_facing_left_Onyx_Black

Even with efficient components, no laptop battery lasts forever. When more battery life is needed, the Flex 6 14” can be charged quickly with the included 65 Watt power adapter. This is a feature that will save a lot of time and have a positive impact on productivity for more mobile users.


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